Good evening

Well, for a first blog entry this will probably be a little lame. You know getting started in a new space is not always easy!

Today I have been working on my website pretty intensely. Fortunately I also feel the pull of finishing the walls in the new studio. I need to get that done soon because no matter how creative or necessary what I am doing is, I really wish I was in the studio making art today. The weather was nice and a few hours outside capturing images and few hours playing with them would have been such a tonic to the frenzied and frantic last few weeks.

I have to travel with my daughter tomorrow, so photographing or sketching will probably be on the back burner then too.  Oh well, perhaps I will just have to steal an hour or so somewhere.  With the weather being cooperative, I could actually get some good light for drawing too.  Frankly it is beginning to sound visually yummy already.

The Summer of Asian Dogwood Pods #1


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2 Responses to “Good evening”

  1. Greytdog Says:

    Welcome to blogging old friend of mine 🙂

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