Working on the Studio Expansion

Sorting. Sorting and shifting. Moving things about and trying to get a sense of where things fit best.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t arrange furniture, equipment, and supplies like I do my art … with lots of experimentation and repeated and prolonged contemplation. Everything is a bigger mess now that the space has been expanded then last month when everything was crammed into storage spaces. Now it’s all around me as I try to figure out if my original plan was the best … or if some other way is better. That is so typically me and my purist/perfectionist dilemma. Oh well … it IS coming along nicely and I shouldn’t whine so.

The best part is that I will have enough space to finally put in some flat files. I just need to find some that are large enough to handle 30+ x 40+ sheets of paper and museum board. They are SO very old school that many companies are getting rid of them and I should be able to find some good ones that are available locally. And while I feel a bit silly, I am thinking some more shelving too … to store the cans and jars of paint more vertically rather than all along the wall. In my next post I will include a phot or two of the new part of the studio!

The eyes and brain were SO engaged …

Last evening I was standing on a hill overlooking a friend’s farm at sunset. The rows of trees, budding but still with very few leaves, divided the fields … some with freshly tilled reddish soil. The valley beyond hid the rocky track of the rain swollen river we had driven beside on our way there.  The hills and the mountains to the northwest were sliding from golden red into blue and violet. I quietly marveled at the vista … and vowed to be back for drawing later this week.

So I really had better finish clearing that mess in the studio!


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