My show at the University in Chillicothe, Ohio is almost ready! Now I just need to finish the last two drawings and take them and the other new pieces to the photographer. After that its time to prep them for traveling. Normally after getting a show out the door, my studio looks quite bare for a while … but this time I have to finish 2-3 more large pieces for the next show at the Greer Museum at Rio Grande University too, So the space will probably look messier … even more frenzied during October. Both of these shows feature the large Mylar based drawing series I started in 2007. Check back after a few days … I will have pictures of the new drawings posted!

After finishing the work  … and they are installed, I will be happy. And happy to resume my more balanced work mode, dividing time between aqueous media on panels/paper and these drawings. As the delivery date approached, I have had to put several major paintings on hold. I am really excited to get back to the watermedia pieces; I even have several ideas for some new assembled panels as well. I think I will post some of those as they “come off the press.”

Cheers! John


2 Responses to “”

  1. Christa Says:

    wow! these pieces are phenomenal! wee hooo! I haven’t checked out your blog before… will have to add it to my reader… would be fun to see the show in Ohio.

  2. johnahancock Says:

    Thanks … loved your newest work too!

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