A pleasurable a(side) trip to DC

Elisabetta Gut, L'uccello di fuoco (Da Stravinsky), 1985

Well, even in a busy season of making art, shipping it to and fro … it is so good to take a breather.  So, this past Sunday, I spent the day in DC. We went to the National Gallery to see two collections of German Drawings and to the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

The German Drawings were fabulous and I ended up wishing my students were with me. Well, maybe NOT. But I did wish they could see the work.

After a nice lunch by the waterfall “wall,” it was time to head over to the NMWA. My wife had never been there before so it was a treat to share it with her. My daughter wasn’t along for this trip but I had made Kate a founding member shortly after she was born.

As usual I was really blown away at the NMWA. The permanent collection was wonderful. The exhibition (A Life in Vibrant Color) honoring the life and work of the Howard University Art Professor Loïs Mailou Jones was a visual feast. But the totally unexpected treat that we really enjoyed was the small but stunning show of the work of Elisabetta Gut. Her exhibit presented 22 artists’ books, collage-poems, book-objects and object-poems. An Italian artist born in 1934, Ms. Gut’s work is a delicious balance of delicately controlled craftsmanship and exuberant, passionate playfulness. The show, titled Books Without Words: The Visual Poetry of Elisabetta Gut, will be on display until January 16, 2011. WOW!

We topped the day off with a wonderful drinks, dinner, and a decadent dessert at an Irish style pub. All in all, a great and refreshing respite.


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