Quickly Now … Painting outside again!

This is how I used to paint ALL the time.

Gathering painting materials; organizing the equipment and materials in the trunk/boot of my car.  Driving out to spots that I had identified earlier, or sometimes just stopping when something caught my eye. Then I would spend about two hours working from the scene before me. Afterwards , I would repack the supplies and start off again or head back to the studio.  Usually I ended up with a piece that would either deserve a little finishing in the studio (cropping a touch or a few minor additions/deletions) … or a piece that was destined for recycling.

Today I got this little sketch done while working with my students from a Watercolor Landscape class.  It is small piece, all in all only 6×8 inches.  It is a good start.  Could end up as a larger work, in one of my watermedia multi-panel works (see one on my website at: http://www.johnahancock.com/paintings.html), or just as a nice little stand alone piece.

This might be me “channeling” the English landscape paintings that I saw in the Tate Watercolour show a bit.  Then again, I probably do that a good bit more than I think I do anyway. Whatever was going on with my painting, it was a deliciously gorgeous day outside after the blustery edge of Irene passed by here in the mountains of Virginia.


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One Response to “Quickly Now … Painting outside again!”

  1. Jean Sampson Says:

    Your blog almost makes me want to take up watercolor again. I just might one of these days. Maybe this time I will be a little less heavy-handed. Actually, I did a lot of really lovely transparent watercolors, florals mostly. There were so very many (35?) years when I couldn’t do oils because of lack of space and $$$.

    Ya gonna mess this one up. John? I am sure you will because it is so lovely.

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