Busy with some new small panel paintings …

… and working with students too. The fall college term has begun, and while I no longer teach full time, I really can’t ignore them. Besides, it is fun watching them make progress.

Drawing and painting, puttering about some at home/in the yard.  Frankly there isn’t much more than that to report.

Well yeah, the painting and drawing is really exciting and I shouldn’t downplay that good piece of news.  And, OK, the weather is cooperating quite nicely for visual research/sketching outside and the house and studio will be getting some much needed electrical upgrades this week.  (Is this the first hint of stage three in the studio renovation!?  Only a little, sideways.  The electrician has to be here anyway for some household work … so I am piggy-backing for an extra $100.00 or so)   Hmm, I guess all of this doesn’t really warrant a ” there isn’t much” remark does it.  Sometimes I am so silly, jaded, or spoiled … maybe all three.

This work is one of my latest.  It is a pretty simple, understated, playful, and hopefully, an elegant little piece.  This one is only 12×12 and done with mixed aqueous media on panel.  The title is “Late Summer’s Humid Sky. Currently it is in a show at Bridgewater College.

I hope you enjoy it.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get in some good photos or drawing done along a creek not far from the house, and maybe a trip to the museum in the afternoon too.  If I get anything good from either of those, I’ll post again soon.


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3 Responses to “Busy with some new small panel paintings …”

  1. Jean Sampson Says:

    Really lovely, John. I am glad you are getting to paint!

  2. Jean Sampson Says:

    You will get there, never fear! 🙂

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