Repair, Repurpose, and Repast

Today I was concentrating on some very practical things in the studio. I previously mentioned needing to fix/repair some minor blips on a few pieces. Well today I pulled out the sandpaper and varnishes, the masking tape and the adhesives … even some ink and paint to work on them. I also decided to spend time getting some finished paintings on panels ready for exhibition … I need to varnish their frame edges!

         (a recent small aqueous media piece … only 5 inches tall!)

It is such mundane work really. Yet, sometimes, I find it to be SO very fulfilling getting things ready to go out/go back out the door again. For me it is sort of a ritual …putting things right again. Regaining a balance before getting down to the work at hand.  And soon I will be getting some small pieces back from a show.  I will probably need to clean and touch them up too.

So, despite my tendency to let things hang at the edge of my to do list, I liked getting them done.  Sure, I will have to do a few more in a couple of weeks, but now I am ready to throw myself back into the fray.  Those new BIG mylar drawing and series of watermedia panel pieces are just waiting to be worked on. Delicious work indeed.


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One Response to “Repair, Repurpose, and Repast”

  1. Jean Sampson Says:

    Good for you, John—-and I really do like the pieces shown here!

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