A great show of Mughal and Persian miniatures .. in DC

I have a real love for what most of us call Persian miniatures. Whether we are talking about are Mughal, Timurid, or Safavid paintings … I am intriqued. Opaque watercolors that, besides their sumptuous surfaces, rich patterns and intricate naturalistic details … show glorious hints of both European and Chinese visual culture. There is always a wonderful exhibition of these works in London (especially at the Victoria and Albert Museums), but only for the next 5 weeks, Washington DC’s Sackler Gallery has one too!


Detail, a representation of the allegorical meeting of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and Shah Abbas of Persia

The Jolly Good News

The Mughal Emperor Akbar probably would be pleased with the curators at Washington’s Sackler Gallery.  The exhibit “Worlds Within Worlds: Imperial Paintings from India and Iran” shows the gallery’s love of painting, particularly the finely-detailed works commissioned by Akbar, his son Jahangir, and his grandson Shah Jahan – the builder of the Taj Mahal.

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2 Responses to “A great show of Mughal and Persian miniatures .. in DC”

  1. jean sampson Says:

    I am just amazed at the realistic portraits. These are lovely, John.

  2. johnahancock Says:

    Jean, I agree. I am always amazed by these works. Some aren’t small at all; most though are published in portfolios or book form. Their believable naturalism is amazing. The last delicate, fine details were often applied AFTER the main layers of the painting’s surface was burnished to a pearlescent sheen. Thanks for responding.

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