You Have Not Seen Installation

Here is a new work …

… one that is just now being installed at Bluffton University (Bluffton, OH). The artist is a former student of mine, a skilled website designer (she created my main website!), a talented artist colleague, and a friend. She has been working on some large ideas for some time now. Taking a look at the paintings and other works on her website and blog will give you some background on the prior genesis of her ideation/images. They seem to be coming together in a way that gives her the space to really let them run … to play out in an appropriate manner (and scale too) …  to get a chance to really clash and reform into some new synthesis.

I wish her the best.


You Have Not Seen Installation

Opening is Sunday September 22, 2013. Everyone is invited…

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2 Responses to “You Have Not Seen Installation”

  1. jean sampson Says:

    Very interesting work!

  2. Jonathan Says:

    The artist reception for this show happened at the end rather than the beginning and it was very well attended, partly because people knew that Christa was giving away all the art from the whole show. It was a pretty stunning experience, and quite emotional for a number of the viewers. Having been close to the whole process (I’m Christa’s husband and I worked closely with her planning and promoting this show) I too find myself periodically missing the “space” that was created by the art — which was, I think partly to do with the scale and partly the contrast and balance of clean line and color (in the folded sections) and chaotic energy (in the painting and carved portions). Not to mention the research and ideation behind it all…

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