Old Painting Friend …

I have an old friend who has a real “dog” of a painting story. I had heard this story make the rounds when I was a studio art professor … but never from a friend.

Let me set the stage though. Robert and I met way back in the late 1970s when we were both enrolled as art undergrads at VSC (Valdosta State College).

Robert was among the small group of colleagues that I would often head out with beyond the campus … so that we could make cityscape and landscape drawings and paintings. Even back then, I liked the way Robert sort of “attacked” the design and composition of a watercolor. If he didn’t like what he was getting … he would wash out passages or if he felt he had gotten too muddy he would flood them with deep rich darks. Gutsy.

After I graduated, I moved to NC.  He became a designer, travelled the world, and went into business … and I taught college and did some community service work but we had already lost touch. Only recently did we stumble upon each other through social media. Frankly, it is no surprise to me that not only are we both still painting with aqueous media … we are both now working at being full time studio artists.  It is good to know that a old colleague and friend is still out there making wonderful new work!

His most recent blog post has his “dog-eared” story … I have included the link to his blog/site below the image I stole from it. (For me, besides the story … it was good to read about and see images from the “sea islands” off of Georgia’s coast. It is a beautiful part of the world.)




2 Responses to “Old Painting Friend …”

  1. Robert Leedy Says:

    Thanks for the repost, John. You should have been there with me – the place is gorgeous.

  2. johnahancock Says:

    Robert, I would have loved it!

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